Gamcha Organic Farm

Gamcha Farm is the origin of organic farming in Nepal. Today it works as a training centre and guesthouse for anyone who has interest in organic farming and living.

Stay at the heart of a Danida Project:
Gamcha Farm came to us by chance, we will share that story with you when we are willing to share our experience of the place with candor and sincerity with everybody who are interested, and particularly in telling about the many ups and downs there inevitably are in Nepal for such a Danish-supported project. Experience Nepal in a different way; come and visit us and stay at our Guesthouse. You will gain an insight into cultural differences and development in a fragile developing country. You are welcome to lend a hand with the organic farming and you can learn from or contribute to the project with your experience and expertise. 

Welcome to organic taste impressions,
- and organic cultural experiences at Søbogaard, Nepal.