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Global Organics

Farmers from around the world face different challenges while striving to make a difference. Co-opting a cultureIntegrating new techniques with old-world practices is the key to success for an organic farming cooperative in Nepal’s Kathmandu ValleyTucked just outside of bustling and polluted Kathmandu lays a surprising oasis of thriving green fields and vibrant red brick buildings. Gamcha Organic Farm and Cooperative, a two-acre spread in the Bhaktapur district near Gamcha village, is a welcome retreat for those who desire safely cultivated produce.

Pesticide use in Nepal is largely unregulated, as is the case in many nonindustrialized countries where the dangers of chemical farming are not widely understood. For expatriates who’ve seen local farmers wash pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables in rivers polluted with sewage and industrial waste, buying Gamcha’s organic produce is an alternative for which they are willing to pay more.